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Knowing Why has never been easier. Our Revelation | Next platform, tools and helping hands services give you answers to pressing business questions with in-the-moment consumer stories.

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Revelation | Next Market research goes mobile, with a social twist.

Revelation | NextGet the engagement factor of a social app and bring in-the-moment consumer experiences to life.

Revelation | Next engages participants like no other market research platform.

They can:

  • Share photos and videos
  • View feeds and “Like” and comment
  • Receive push notifications
  • Submit responses even when not connected

Run communities in pure mobile, web + mobile, or pure web.

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InterVu™ Live face to face discussion with respondents from the comfort of
their home or office.


InterVu is an online qualitative research platform to interview up to 8 respondents, at different remote locations, with two-way audio and video capabilities. By interviewing them from their home or office, there is no need for either the moderator or the respondents to travel and show rates are higher of that in facility research. InterVu replicates a live in-depth interview or focus group using a web conferencing platform and webcams, where the moderators and all the participants can see and hear each other for real-time face-to-face exchange.

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Revelation White Label

White Labeling Your brand out front, Revelation power in the back.

White Labeling allows our Revelation | Next system to give you top-quality, yet very affordable, branded iPhone and Android apps and website. It’s your brand out front, Revelation power in the back.

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Word TreesGet to the meaning.

Revelation Word TreesOur unique Word Tree text visualization tool and media galleries speed pattern-finding in photos, text and videos, making it easy to see what context words are being used in. The word tree allows for detailed qualitative analysis, as it illustrates the way in which language is being used within your study.

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Helping HandsLet us assist so you can focus on the research.

Helping Hands: Project Site Setup
Our seasoned Helping Hands team can fully set up your Revelation project—complete with activities.

Helping Hands: Participant Management
We regularly communicate with your participants through confirmation calls, pre-project communications and ongoing reminders. By keeping participants enthusiastically engaged in your study, we ensure they promptly complete your activities.

Helping Minds: Methodology Consultation
As leaders in research technology and methodology, we expertly develop activities to achieve your research objectives. How? By consulting with you and custom-designing your study around your needs.

Expert OQR Recruiting Services
We are recognized for our strategic recruiting options. Based on project scope and budget, we recruit participants, fulfill recruitment incentives and continuously provide updates.

Language Translation
We have fielded research in numerous countries across six continents while translating guides and transcripts. Our software supports simplified and traditional Chinese, Thai, EU and Latin American Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, German, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish and Polish.