Revelation has become part of FocusVision

Steve AugustI am writing to communicate some exciting and extremely positive Revelation news. As of May 30, 2014, Revelation has become part of FocusVision. As you may know, FocusVision is the global standard in facility based streaming for groups and IDIs, streaming video of qualitative research from over 1000 facilities worldwide. Over the past two years, they’ve also become a leader in real time video online focus groups and IDIs with their InterVu platform.

We strongly believe that this is a tremendous development for Revelation’s customers, and the advancement of qualitative research in general. Here’s why:

    A full suite of qualitative technology offerings
    In addition to Revelation | Next, we can now offer real time video focus groups, in-home ethnography streaming, remote usability studies and video streaming of face-to-face research.

    More service and support
    FocusVision has offices around the world in Connecticut, London, Singapore, Atlanta, Sao Paolo and, of course, Portland. One of our first orders of business will be to expand our support and service hours and capabilities to better assist our customers around the world.

    Expanded Resources
    Revelation is now part of an organization of 130 people. As we integrate, we will have access to resources to help us to innovate faster and deliver more innovation and value.

Zooming out, the combination of Revelation and FocusVision will be uniquely positioned to support your qualitative research wherever and whenever it happens: in-person, online, mobile, real time, in-the-moment and over time.

It will also enable us to do some really amazing things in qualitative insights technology, and we are tremendously excited to take qual to the next level.

Over the coming months we will be communicating with you regularly as we integrate with FocusVision. I’m sure you have some questions, and you can check out our Revelation Joins FocusVision FAQs on our blog. In the meantime, let me assure you of these two things:

    You will continue to work with the same sales, service, and support people and all the Revelation staff who have earned your trust. This includes myself, as I am joining the management team of FocusVision as Chief Innovation Officer, and will be primarily focused on Revelation | Next.

    Revelation | Next will continue on and become one of FocusVision’s product lines. We will continue to advance and improve Revelation | Next as we always have.

Of course, you are welcome to reach out to your account manager or myself for any further questions you have about this news.

We think this is really the start of a new day for qualitative research, and are confident you will see it as well. From all of us here at Revelation, we look forward to continuing to support your business.